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Client Reviews

“He goes way above and beyond to do the right thing.”

The worst night of my life was when I got a DUI. Scared, shamed, guilt are words that didn't even come close to how I felt. I had no idea where to go, or what to do. William Walraven was referred to me and I made that call.

From the get-go, through my hysterics, he was kind, and supportive, extremely knowledgeable and clear, holding nothing back about what could happen, so no surprises. William collected my information and got busy representing me. He was always truthful of possible outcomes and explained each step via phone and I always asked for an email as well because I just couldn't absorb all the legal implications in one sitting.

He goes way above and beyond to do the right thing. Explained exactly what I ought to do, and I did exactly what he suggested every step of the way. He never made me feel those feelings of shame or guilt, not once. Always, kind and compassionate, honest, and with such integrity.

I am not really good at expressing my gratitude (well in this situation, that I never thought I'd be in) so just know, without a doubt, I recommend William to anyone in this situation, a man full of compassion, integrity, honesty, knowledgeable, and well, I just can't say enough about how he walked (and is walking) me through this horrible mistake I made. God didn't give me words to adequately express my gratitude.

– Anonymous