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2 drinking mistakes that increase your risk of a DUI

Posted by William Walraven | Aug 27, 2021 | 0 Comments

Most adults who don't have a substance abuse problem can go out for a drink or maybe even two and then drive home safely. However, some people make certain decisions while at a party, restaurant or bar that impact how their bodies process the alcohol that they consume.

If you make either of the two mistakes below when enjoying a couple of beers, your risk of driving poorly increases. Getting pulled over after a drink or two could easily lead to driving under the influence (DUI) charges even if you can usually drink the same amount safely.

Having a drink on an empty stomach

You had to skip lunch at work, or you ate early and then stayed late. In either case, you leave work feeling hungry. Stopping off at the bar for an after-work drink may be particularly dangerous when you don't have any food in your stomach. Your body will absorb the alcohol more quickly, and you may experience more significant impairment than you would after drinking the same amount of alcohol with something in your stomach.

Throwing back a drink as quickly as you can

Maybe you get a phone call advising you that you need to get home right away just after you order your beverage. Perhaps you just want to leave and head home. Drinking an entire drink quickly can increase the impairment you experience. Sipping alcohol slowly gives your body time to process it. Consuming a large amount in a short period of time will magnify the effects of the alcohol on your cognition and driving.

Recognizing risk factors when out enjoying yourself can help you avoid mistakes that could lead to drunk driving charges.

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