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What Are the Consequences of a First DUI Offense in California?

Picture of person in handcuffs

Whatever circumstances led to your DUI arrest, first offenses can lead to several types of penalties. Our Oakland DUI lawyer in Alameda County can aggressively defend your legal interests and help you understand the laws that apply to your particular situation. How Police Officers Identify Impaired Drivers California law outlines the penalties and consequences for … Continue reading

Can I Get My California DUI Conviction Expunged?

Picture of a court decision on drinking and driving (DWI)

A DUI conviction can lead to multiple adverse life consequences. For instance, it could be more difficult to retain or find new employment. Depending on the circumstances, you can receive an expungement for a DUI conviction in California. DUI expungement is the process of having your DUI conviction cleared from your criminal record. With a … Continue reading