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After A Drunk Driving Allegation, Your Job Could Be At Risk

Bus drivers, truck drivers, delivery drivers and many others can lose their job if convicted of a DUI. Having a knowledgeable lawyer by your side during this time is of the utmost importance. My name is William Walraven, founder of the Law Offices of William Walraven. I have helped clients who were at risk of losing their license and their job. To me, you are not just another number. I take the time to explain your options and address your concerns.

Who Can Be Charged With A Commercial DUI?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has high standards for commercial drivers. While most states consider a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08, commercial drivers have a limit of 0.04. Essentially, you cannot operate a bus or truck within four hours of consuming alcohol. The following may be subject to these strict guidelines:

  • For-hire drivers
  • Anyone who owns or leases a commercial vehicle
  • Federal, state and local government personnel
  • Civic organizations
  • Private drivers

While the goal is to keep others on the road, the people in the car and the drivers themselves safe, it can leave those accused of a DUI in a panic. If convicted, both your commercial license and your driver's license can be suspended. This means notifying your employer and potentially losing your job. Don't worry. I examine all parts of a case. For some, the breathalyzer showed incorrect information. For others, the arresting officer didn't administer the test properly. No matter what it is, you do not have to go through this alone. I will build a strong DUI defense strategy.

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As soon as you are facing commercial DUI charges, it is imperative that you find an attorney you can trust. I have built solid relationships with prosecutors, judges and court administrators. I know how the process works and will do everything I can to find a solution. To schedule a consultation, call my office at 833-415-2635 or fill out my online contact form. I serve clients in San Francisco, San Mateo County and throughout the Bay Area.