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Client Reviews

“You can trust him.”

After contacting the top recommended DUI attorney in San Mateo I was given the option to post my time sensitive question to similar law firms in the area. Given that my friend had court the following day and was unprepared, I rolled the dice. I was blown away by William when he contacted me to respond. He called me personally and gave me his number and a time to reach him. Once we were connected he listened patiently and provided me with the options my friend would have as well as giving me an honest opinion.

As someone who has advanced experience working with attorneys professionally, as well as personal experience retaining my own lawyers for various reasons in life, the genuine empathy and care that William delivered over a phone call was only comparable to advice I receive from my closest friends who are attorneys when I need direction. He was upfront about the possibilities that could take place and forthright about the costs for each avenue. His straightforward answers were so helpful and he even gave me options for my friend that were not financially in his favor. To put it frankly, he didn't push any false or negative storyline in order for us to retain him. He was amazing, patient and detail-oriented. He was everything you want in a lawyer – polite and professional, someone with logical reasoning and empathetic communication.

At the end of our talk he even told me where to go once I was in the courthouse and which screen to look for in order to find the room. I told him then and I mean it now that if I ever needed an attorney for myself I would call him. I do not leave reviews but I believe that credit should be given where deserved and I just cannot let this go unnoticed. You can trust him.

– Sara D.